Bartek Ostalowski interviewing Richard Hammond

Bartek Ostalowski interviewing Richard Hammond

Bartek Ostalowski is a polish racing driver who lost his arms in a motor accident.

Bartek Ostalowski was invited to take Richard Hammond.from the Airport when he visited the Warsaw Motor Show in November 2018.

Those who follow The Grand Tour might remember Bartek Ostalowski. In the last episode of The Grand Tour of season 1, Hammond learned how to drift in France. After taking his lessons he had a drift battle  with two other drivers of which one was the armless Bartek Ostalowski. But despite having no arms, Bartek beat Hammond without a single problem.

So three years ago they meet again, and Hammond was.pleasantly surprised to meet Ostalowski at the airport. Bartok took Hammond along in his car and he brought him (while.driving with his foot) to the Warsaw Motor Show.

During their trip to the show Ostalowski mounted a few camera’s in the car and did a great interview with Richard. He ask him really nice questions about The Grand Tour filming around the globe. His feelings about visiting an event like the Warsaw Motor Show.

They also talked about Hammond’s accident in Switzerland which Richard really diminished comparing to the accident of Bartek, who lost two arms, while he just bumped his knee.

Richard also tells about his family his daughter having a drivers license and her own car and his and his wife’s love for motorcycles.

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