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Richard Hammond’s BIG

The smallest man of The Grand Tour, Richard Hammond, presents a show called BIG on Discovery Channel.

Richard Hammond Reveals his 50th Birthday Tattoo for the First Time

And he didn’t told his wife Mindy about this tattoo. Eamonn and Ruth interviewed Richard on This Morning as he spoke about his new show Big. He spoke about this new show which is available on Discovery Channel UK. He also told them about his fear of heights which he ... Read More »

Richard Hammond in BIG Tonight on TV

Richard Hammond BIG

Jeremy Clarkson and James May like to tease Richard Hammond about being little – so they’ll be tickled by his new series. Here, he literally goes large, climbing, flying and driving some of the world’s biggest vehicles and structures. But it’s not just about gawping at ginormous stuff. The self-confessed ... Read More »

Richard Hammond interview on BBC Radio 2

Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond was interviewed today on BBC Radio 2 by Steve Wright. Listen to the interview: Hammond talks about The Grand Tour and he also confirms two episodes per season. But the main reason for this interview is his new show Richard Hammond’s BIG which premieres tomorrow on Discovery Channel ... Read More »

Interviewing Hammond about Richard Hammond’s BIG

Richard Hammond's BIG

Richard Hammond’s BIG is starting in a few days. Noticias Magazine did an interview with Richard. Unfortunatly all questions are in Portugese but we translated them for you and you can read the questions here below. What is the appeal of engineering programs? What surprised you most while filming Richard ... Read More »

Richard Hammond´s BIG – Preview

Preview Richard Hammond´s BIG

Discovery Channel UK shared some short preview of Richard Hammond´s BIG. Car Painting In this first preview we can see Hammond inside the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg in Germany.where he shows how the Volkswagens are being painted. Also he explains how the painting proces works. The Volkswagen plant has the ... Read More »

Our Man in Japan, BIG and I Bought the Farm

Our Man in Japan, BIG and I Bought the Farm

In 2020 the three presenters will all go solo with several projects. Our Man in Japan.. James May On 3 january we can see Our Man in Japan with James May. Earlier this year James went to Japan recording for three months trying to learn more and to understand the ... Read More »

Happy Birthday Richard Hammond

Happy Birthday Richard Hammond

Happy Birthday Hamster with your 50th birthday. https://www.facebook.com/DiscoveryUK/videos/587715895341238/ We hope he did got everything he wished for, but knowing the Hamster he´s not afraid to buy his own presents from time to time. But we don’t just want to congratulate Richard with his birthday this is also a moment to ... Read More »

Richard Hammond´s BIG

Richard Hammond

As we revealed earlier Richard Hammond´s BIG starts on 15 january on Discovery. https://www.facebook.com/RichardHammond/videos/2049421998494819/ In a new trailer we can see several places where Richard has been for this show. We´ve seen the last year pictures of Hammond in the U.S.A., Germany, The Netherlands, Dubai U.K, and many more places. ... Read More »

BIG With Richard Hammond Starts 15 January.

BIG with Richard Hammond

BIG with Richard Hammond is a new show on made for Discovery. https://www.facebook.com/RichardHammond/videos/600591887376043/   BIG with Richard Hammond is a show.that was announced.earlier this year. Since may Richard Hammond is strolling around the world from the UK to Dubai, the US and many many other countries – to explore the ... Read More »