Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond´s BIG

As we revealed earlier Richard Hammond´s BIG starts on 15 january on Discovery.

In a new trailer we can see several places where Richard has been for this show. We´ve seen the last year pictures of Hammond in the U.S.A., Germany, The Netherlands, Dubai U.K, and many more places.

He visited tunnels under construction, a factory where airplane engines are being build. But not only that he also visited on of the largest ports in the world to see real big ships and big container terminals.

Next to that he went to the U.S. Airforce and saw with his own eyes how big a military cargo plane is and what can go insinde of them. Het gets to see engines which are so big he can climb inside of them.

Several days were spend in the Volkswagen factory in Germany where he, next to building cars, also was a witness in the proces of making German Currywurst.

Hammond also raced on a motorbike through a tunnel which was under construction.

Richard Hammond´s BIG starts on 15 January on Discovery Channel.

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