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Clarkson’s Farm

Jeremy Clarkson bought a farm in Chipping Norton a few years ago. But now he´s gonna rebuild it and turn it into a proper farm where crops grow, being harvested and sold.

Clarkson’s Farm gets a second season.

Jeremy Clarkson has annouced a second season of his new show Clarkson’s Farm. All fans are happy to know that Andy Wilman is the producer of the film. The same Andy Wilman who, from 2002 to 2015, created Top Gear for us, and then the Grand Tour. The continuation of ... Read More »

Grand Opening of Jeremy Clarkson’s Farm Shop

Grand Opening at Jeremy Clarkson I Bought The Farm

Grand Opening of Jeremy Clarkson’s Farm Shop, and we’re all welcome Tomorrow afternoon is the Grand Opening of Jeremy Clarkson’s Farm Shop. And EVERYONE from around the world is invited. So if you’re, on Saturday 22 february 2020, near Chipping Nordon in the Cotswolds, why not enjoy your afternoon at ... Read More »

Our Man in Japan, BIG and I Bought the Farm

Our Man in Japan, BIG and I Bought the Farm

In 2020 the three presenters will all go solo with several projects. Our Man in Japan.. James May On 3 january we can see Our Man in Japan with James May. Earlier this year James went to Japan recording for three months trying to learn more and to understand the ... Read More »

Jeremy Clarkson watches his sheep having intercourse

Sheep havin sex in front of Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Purchased his sheep earlier in August this year. A few months ago Jeremy Clarkson was at the Shearwell Thame Summer Sheep Fair with a film crew. At the fair he bought 78 so called North of England Mule shearlings. In the Autumn they were brought to his farm by ... Read More »