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Interviews with the presenters and producers of The Grand Tour, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May, Andy Wilmans.

Richard Hammond Reveals his 50th Birthday Tattoo for the First Time

And he didn’t told his wife Mindy about this tattoo. Eamonn and Ruth interviewed Richard on This Morning as he spoke about his new show Big. He spoke about this new show which is available on Discovery Channel UK. He also told them about his fear of heights which he ... Read More »

Richard Hammond in BIG Tonight on TV

Richard Hammond BIG

Jeremy Clarkson and James May like to tease Richard Hammond about being little – so they’ll be tickled by his new series. Here, he literally goes large, climbing, flying and driving some of the world’s biggest vehicles and structures. But it’s not just about gawping at ginormous stuff. The self-confessed ... Read More »

Richard Hammond interview on BBC Radio 2

Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond was interviewed today on BBC Radio 2 by Steve Wright. Listen to the interview: Hammond talks about The Grand Tour and he also confirms two episodes per season. But the main reason for this interview is his new show Richard Hammond’s BIG which premieres tomorrow on Discovery Channel ... Read More »

Interviewing Hammond about Richard Hammond’s BIG

Richard Hammond's BIG

Richard Hammond’s BIG is starting in a few days. Noticias Magazine did an interview with Richard. Unfortunatly all questions are in Portugese but we translated them for you and you can read the questions here below. What is the appeal of engineering programs? What surprised you most while filming Richard ... Read More »

James May on the slow joys of woodworking

James May Woodworking

James May presenter and car fanatic on finding an emotional outlet in carpentry, and why he is more modern than his on-screen caricature. May vs Clarkson It would be easy to suppose that James May and Jeremy Clarkson, his co-presenter for the past 20 years, are pretty similar. Both men ... Read More »

James May reveals he could quit The Grand Tour

James May Quit

James May reveals he could quit The Grand Tour because he doesn’t want to ‘fall apart in public’ in an interview with The Sun: Listen to this interview: JAMES May has revealed he could step down as host of the Amazon Prime series after almost 20 years as part of ... Read More »

James May: Our Man In Japan – ‘My travel programme is a bit of a lark’

James May in Japan

The motoring TV presenter branches out to his first ever travel series. James May has seen enough Japanese travelogues to know precisely what he didn’t want his own to be about. “My purpose in coming here isn’t to go to the tourist sites and go ooh, isn’t that lovely and ... Read More »

The Grand Tour “Seamen” – How we made it

The Grand Tour Seamen

Seamen,  Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May reveal the behind-the-scenes secrets from their epic new 90-minute special, which takes them across Vietnam and Cambodia. After three seasons of The Grand Tour and 16 years on television together, there aren’t many parts of the world or outrageous challenges left for ... Read More »

A guide to getting fired with James May.

Getting Fired By James May

https://www.facebook.com/www.JOE.co.uk/videos/1022286151459743/ Getting fired is something James May is used to. He got fired more than once during his career. He was fired from Autocar, The Civil Service, Car Magazine and a Volvo Dealership. His experience with getting sacked was started at an young age when he worked as a young ... Read More »

Finish the sentence with Clarkson, Hammond and May

Finish the sentence

Moments before The Grand Tour Seamen starts the hosts find time to finish the sentence. In Finish The Sentence Clarkson, Hammond and May have to finish a sentence which is asked by someone else. Offcourse we get to hear the greatest unexpected answers. They also make jokes with eachother. What ... Read More »