Getting Fired By James May

A guide to getting fired with James May.

Getting fired is something James May is used to. He got fired more than once during his career. He was fired from Autocar, The Civil Service, Car Magazine and a Volvo Dealership.

His experience with getting sacked was started at an young age when he worked as a young lad for a kiosk. He was accused of eating the ice creams and nicking some of the sweets. Now finally after more than 40 years James can finally admit that they told the truth.

James was fired form The Civil Service for not turning up at work.

He had to edit a Road Test Yearbook for Autocar and got bored. In those years it was fashionable to start each article with a big red letter. He changed all the first lines of the articles so the first big red letters spelled out a message. It said “So you think this is really good but you should try making it up, it’s a pain in the arse”.  Despite the fact that this issue was sold out in no tima and got a great media attention the management of Autocar wasn’t really happy. They fired James May.

Country Life and Scotland on Sunday did’t continued the service of James because they decided he was too expensive.

Car Magazine fired James because he got a job at Top Gear.

At Top Gear he was fired. Not once but twice, before getting back to Top Gear….

Now James is one of the owners of the W. Chumps & Sons Ltd. so he can’t be fired anymore… And that’s good news for us.

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