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Finish the sentence with Clarkson, Hammond and May

Finish the sentence

Moments before The Grand Tour Seamen starts the hosts find time to finish the sentence. In Finish The Sentence Clarkson, Hammond and May have to finish a sentence which is asked by someone else. Offcourse we get to hear the greatest unexpected answers. They also make jokes with eachother. What ... Read More »

The Grand Tour hosts talk about “Seamen”.

Talk about Seamen

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May talk about “Seamen”. In an interview with on On Demand Entertainment the hosts of The Grand Tour talk about “Seamen”. After a lot of interviews with many channels and in many newspapers, the hosts of The Grand Tour finally talk about seamen. The ... Read More »

James May Explains How He Cheated Death in a Plane Crash

James May Plane ends up upside down

James May´s Plane ended upside down. James May is known to fly a plane which he´s doing for many years. But when he was younger he was a bit too confident and made a mistake. He revealed this earlier this week in Good Morning Britain where he was to promote ... Read More »

Seamen Interview with Clarkson, Hammond and May


Interview with Clarkson, Hammond and May Luke O’Faolain for 98 FM Seamen is the new title of The Grand Tour first episode of season 4. In this interview with Dublin´s 98FM Luke O’Faolain. Jeremy Clarkson For start Clarkson drops a great news item. He´s no longer a fan of Lexus ... Read More »

Andy Wilman On The Amazon Show’s Big Revamp

Andy Wilman

Original article can be found on Movier.net Andy Wilman gives an interview because Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond’s motoring show The Grand Tour returns to Amazon on December 13, but it’s not exactly more of the same from the British trio. The presenters have ripped up the format ... Read More »

The Grand Tour Behind The Scenes Vietnam & Cambodia

Filming in Vietnam and Cambodia

We continue our story from Cambodia to Vietnam. After their visit to Angkor Wat, the presenters of The Grand Tour enjoyed their evening at the shores of Tonie Sap Lake. The next morning they took a boat ride on that Lake. Later they went on their way in a Airbus ... Read More »

The Grand Tour Behind the Scenes in Cambodia

Filming in Cambodia

The Grand Tour Filming in Cambodia for Season 4 In June The Grand Tour was in Cambodia filming for the first episode of Season 4. This episode is going to be available on 13 december 2019 on Amazon Prime. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and.James May were spotted in Siem Reap. ... Read More »

Our Man in Japan with James May starts 3 January

Our Man in Japan

Our Man in Japan with James May is a new show on Amazon Prime. Our Man in Japan with James May is something we´ve all been waiting for since quite a while. In March 2019 we got the news that James May got his own show for Amazon Prime. Some ... Read More »

Who´s Most Likely with Clarkson, Hammond and May.


It´s Gone Viral added this great interview with Clarkson, Hammond and May. Who’s Most Likely to wear awful travel attire? Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May know each other inside out. Or, Who’s Most Likely to be a pain whilst travelling? To find out, we sat down with the ... Read More »

Andy Wilman The Grand Tour and The Future – an Interview (part 3)

Andy Wilman was interviewed by Freddy Clode in September 2019. Andy Wilman gave an exclusive interview in September 2019 to the Home & Hosed Podcast. In this three-part interview we hear him telling everything from his youth till now. Andy Wilman is the executive producer of The Grand Tour. After ... Read More »