James May Dancing in Japan

James May Dancing in Japan

We can see James May dancing in a commercial for his show Our Man in Japan.

James May is worldwide known for his terrible dancing style.

In the earlier years in Top Gear we´ve seen him doing his victory dance now and then. Even in The Grand Tour he did dance  little from time to time.

May gave an interview in The Sun earlier this week in which he revealed he was asked for a reality show. James said: “I shouldn’t who because that’s considered bad form, but I declined”. “It involved dancing, if that’s a clue”. “It wasn’t on ice”.

James thinks he’s not the type of person people who want to watch on those shows. “I think they’d quite like to watch Jeremy Clarkson on one, possibly Richard Hammond”. “I think people would like to see them in the jungle”.

Do you agree with James? Do you want to see him dancing in a reality show? We have our own ideas, but dancing isn’t the first thing we came up with. Let us know your opinion in the comments.

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