James May Tasting Japanese Snacks

James May Tasting Japanese Snacks

James May is tasting some Japanese Snacks for “Our Man in Japan”

In this video James May is tasting various Japanese Snacks. But the main question to Captain Slow is how he does rate these snacks.

After his three month journey to Japan, it´s time for him to test some of the genuine Japanese Snacks the team took back to the United Kingdom for him.

He´s testing:

  • Plum Flavoured Hard Boiled Candy.
  • Salted Potato Straws.
  • Salted Yokan Jelly Cake.
  • Hello Panda.
  • Seasoned Wakame Seaweed.

Next to that he also tries a Japanese drink, Blueberry Ramune Soda.

Let us know what you would like to taste in the comments.

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