Madagascar Special Release Date Leaked

The Grand Tour Madagascar Special Release Date Leaked


The Madagascar Special Update

On our YouTube Channel we shared a special video about the release date of The Grand Tour Madagascar Special (episode S04E02).

This special has been recorded last november prior to the worldwide pandemie. Clarkson, Hammond and May travelled to La Réunion and island in the Indian Ocean about 500 kilometers East of Madagascar.

They spend some days on this beautiful tropical island while driving in three very different cars. Jeremy drove a blue Bentley Continental GT, Richard a Ford Focus and James was behind the wheel of a Caterham Seven.

After a few days they went to Madagascar, but the trip wasn’t that simple. The cargo plane with the presenters aboard got some technical problems and had to return to La Réunion. The regular passenger plane with the entire crew landed without any problem on the big African Island.

First Delay…

The three presenters had to wait till their plane was repaired, so after a full day delay they finally arrived on Madagascar soil.

One or two days later they were spotted in exactly the same cars as they were in on La Réunion (we know that because they all kept the same licence plates). But the cars were totally transformed. The Bentley was now green, loaded with protection bars a winch and big 4×4 tyres. The Ford was painted black (or wrapped), also with protection bars and the wheels were replaced by tracks. Although the Caterham was also transformed it was clearly the same cars with protection bars and big wheels on the back axle.

Later we will tell you the whole storyline, but for now we can only please you about the release date. We found out that this was published on Amazon’s last week. It clearly says the Madagascar Special will be available on friday 4 september 2020.

We understand you can wait, but for now you’ve got to be happy with our short video with some very nice Behind the Scenes footage.

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