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The Grand Tour Season 4

With season 4 of The Grand Tour a new era starts. No longer there will be a tent, a track and an audience. Season 4 will have 4 or 5 episodes. Season 4 will start on friday 13 december 2019.

When creating this categorie just two episodes have been recorded the first one which will be available on 13 december 2019 brings us to Cambodia and to Vietnam. Where Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May travel along the Mekong River from Siem Reap in Cambodia to the Mekong Delta in Vung Tau. After their journey on the river they are awaiting a dangerous, almost life treating adventure on the South Chinese Sea.

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The Grand Tour Production of Seamen – Our Review

Our Review of The Production of Seamen

We did a review of  the Christmas Special of The Grand Tour “Seamen” As many of you we enjoyed the recent special of The Grand Tour Production of Seamen. Despite the fact we could only see one car in this entire episode we think it was very amusing. The Start ... Read More »

The Grand Tour Only TWO episodes in Season 4

Two Episodes in Season 4

Two episodes this season and that´s it. We´re very sad to announce the fact that there will only be TWO episodes in Season 4 of The Grand Tour. We know it´s a terrible disappointment for all the fans. Despite the fact that we never found any source for the story ... Read More »

The Grand Tour “Seamen” in video

Seamen in Video

The Grand Tour shows from time to time short videos.of.the Special “The Grand Tour Prodution of Seamen”.  We share these videos here so people who didn’t.subscribed.to  Amazon Prime and can still enjoy the fun of this special. This page will be updated from time to time because we expect more ... Read More »

The Grand Tour – The Boats of “Seamen”

Boats of The Grand Tour Seamen

No cars, but three Boats where used.in the latest episode of.The Grand Tour “Seamen”. Not just everyday boats but.there were specific boats for.each of the presenters. We see Jeremy Clarkson in a replica PBR boat. Richard Hammond in a Miami Vice style Speedboat and James in a wooden river cruiser. ... Read More »

The Grand Tour “Seamen” – How we made it

The Grand Tour Seamen

Seamen,  Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May reveal the behind-the-scenes secrets from their epic new 90-minute special, which takes them across Vietnam and Cambodia. After three seasons of The Grand Tour and 16 years on television together, there aren’t many parts of the world or outrageous challenges left for ... Read More »

The Grand Tour – Seamen came premature


The episode Seamen was in a lot of countries on Thursday available. Seamen, the first episode of season 4 of  The Grand Tour came out hours earlier as expected. The previous seasons of The Grand Tour learned that if an episode is listed it’s available at midnight. So we were ... Read More »

Finish the sentence with Clarkson, Hammond and May

Finish the sentence

Moments before The Grand Tour Seamen starts the hosts find time to finish the sentence. In Finish The Sentence Clarkson, Hammond and May have to finish a sentence which is asked by someone else. Offcourse we get to hear the greatest unexpected answers. They also make jokes with eachother. What ... Read More »

The Grand Tour hosts talk about “Seamen”.

Talk about Seamen

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May talk about “Seamen”. In an interview with on On Demand Entertainment the hosts of The Grand Tour talk about “Seamen”. After a lot of interviews with many channels and in many newspapers, the hosts of The Grand Tour finally talk about seamen. The ... Read More »

The Grand Tour Premiere coming soon….

The Grand Tour Premiere

The Grand Tour Premiere is just  a few hours away… Can´t you wait till you seen Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May again? Check out our timer on top of the column on the right which tells you exactly how many hours you’ve got to wait till The Grand ... Read More »

James May Explains How He Cheated Death in a Plane Crash

James May Plane ends up upside down

James May´s Plane ended upside down. James May is known to fly a plane which he´s doing for many years. But when he was younger he was a bit too confident and made a mistake. He revealed this earlier this week in Good Morning Britain where he was to promote ... Read More »