Talk about Seamen

The Grand Tour hosts talk about “Seamen”.

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May talk about “Seamen”.

In an interview with on On Demand Entertainment the hosts of The Grand Tour talk about “Seamen”.

After a lot of interviews with many channels and in many newspapers, the hosts of The Grand Tour finally talk about seamen. The first episode of season 4 which only will contain specials.

They tell where the title of this episode came from. Although it has been promoted at various channels as The Grand Tour Presents: Seamen. The official title must be The Grand Tour Produce Seamen.

Jeremy Clarkson tells us where he’s got his inspiration of for writing this episode. Also about the bold move of the makers not to have any car in this special.

The experience of the three being on boats was scary in some moments. Richard and James don’t fancy boats and there were moments where they pushed the boats further as they would normally do with cars.

Telling us about who would save one of the other presenters when they would be in a very dangerous situation gives us a good insight in how they feel about eachother.

We learn what are the feelings of Clarkson, Hammond and May are about Top Gear.

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