Our Review of The Production of Seamen

The Grand Tour Production of Seamen – Our Review

We did a review of  the Christmas Special of The Grand Tour “Seamen”

As many of you we enjoyed the recent special of The Grand Tour Production of Seamen.
Despite the fact we could only see one car in this entire episode we think it was very amusing.

The Start

The journey begins from Siem Reap in Cambodia going all the way to Vung Tau in Vietnam.  At the beginning of the journey, the trio ride around in bicycles through towns
which were made on rivers but have dried out due to damming and Global Warming.

Finally, the boats

When they finally find the major water body, the marine journey begins. Hammond arrived first in a Miami Vice Styled Speedboat. Next was Jeremy with a military style Patrol Boat River. While the rain was really pooring down we see them both talking about their boats and waiting for James May. When James is coming in sight it’s really clear why he was late in his 1939 wooden river cruiser. The boats which were chosen for this episode each really fitted to the characters of Clarkson, Hammond and May.

On our website Thegrandtourfans.com we give you detailled information about these boats. review

They start their journey downstream and right away we can see the problems where the locals being confronted with due to the low water levels they can’t speed up their boats and have to start the 800 kilometer long trip at a speed of just 7 kilometer per hour. Hammond and May frequently have to stop to clear the propellors of their boats from fishing nets and other kinds of debris.

Throughout the journey, it was business as usual as the three presenters followed the known format which has worked for them for the past two decades, except this time it was the same on the water. However, Jeremy took the liberty to refer to the Vietnam War and stories of Pol Pot as they travelled through the Mekong Delta. While May took the time to talk about how the Mekong River was vital to the livelihood to over 6 million people.


On the flip side of things, the humour was just as good throughout the feature-length film and the chemistry and camaraderie between the three were just as strong. Although it did feel a bit disconnected at times due to the distance between the three when at the rivers.

While the other two had twin V8 powered boats, James’ antique 4-cylinder diesel with 99hp left a massive gap in between which might lead some to believe a larger gap that there was.


The cinematography, especially the slow-motion shots of the boats were spectacular. One, in particular, was when Jeremy demonstrated the PBR’s party piece of being able to come to a dead stop from maximum speed within its own length. The capture of the vessel slowing down and the water splashing was breathtaking.review

But soon after, Jeremy with his onboard navigation device was successful in getting the trio lost, trying to find a way through the delta while avoiding the sea. When they were finally on the correct trajectory, the weather turned for the worse.

The Sea

While attempting to avoid the sea and its treacherous conditions, in the heavy rainfall, all three ended up exactly where they did not want to be, right in the middle of the sea in the midst of heavy  cargo ships. The scene was actually gut-wrenching as you could see the misery from the rough seas and the toll it was taking on the three riverboats and their captains.

At the end of it all, Jeremy was the first to reach Vung Tau before even the camera crew could arrive. But eventually, as all three boats and the camera crews made it to the end.as the film ends with Jeremy  taking a cheeky jab at Top Gear with his regular closing phrase “and on that terrible disappointment… for Top Gear… it’s time to say goodbye. We’ll be back”

Episode 2?

I understand you all think now when will they be back. Well Andy Wilman recently said in an interview, which can be found on our website,.he needs 15-16 weeks to edit the Madagascar special, which is about three months from now. review

He’ll be sending that special to Amazon and than it’s up to them to decide when to make it available. So we expect somewhere at the end of April or in May.

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