Two Episodes in Season 4

The Grand Tour Only TWO episodes in Season 4

Two episodes this season and that´s it.

We´re very sad to announce the fact that there will only be TWO episodes in Season 4 of The Grand Tour.

We know it´s a terrible disappointment for all the fans.

Despite the fact that we never found any source for the story which is going around of only two episodes of The Grand Tour per year we’ve got to confirm that this story is true.

It was confirmed last friday by James May when he was a guest on the Virgin Radio breakfast show where he exactly explained how we´ve got to look to this season. Listen to the clip from the Breakfast Show here below.

Further on in interview he also talks about the next episode and his trip to Japan. Soon we´ll publish that entire interview here on our website.

We understand only two episodes is a huge setback.for the fans of The Grand Tour.but fortunatly you don´t have be bored in 2020. James May new show “Our man in Japan” will be available on 3 January. Next to that Richard Hammond’s BIG can be seen.on Discovery.Channel starting on 15 January. Next to that there is another project for Richard and Jeremy is working hard on his new show “I Bought The Farm”.

So we have a lot to look forward to in 2020.

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