The Grand Tour Madagascar Special: A Sneak Peek

Madagascar was, as we told you last year, the desitination of  Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James may to go on an adventure.

During their journey on La Réunion they found a encrypted document which should possible lead them to a huge pirate treasure. They travelled to Madagascar to find that treasure.

But being on a treasure hunt isn’t really an easy thing to do. Especially if you know the roads on Madagascar which are famous as being the most terrible roads in the world.

Especially the Route National 5, the road our beloved presenters had to follow, is famous for his bad condition. Therefor real fanatic 4×4 drivers travel to Madagascar to take on the challenge and travel from south to north over this treacherous road.

The trio start their trip on La Réunion where we see Jeremy Clarkson in a normal Bentley Continental GT. James May is driving a Caterham Seven 310R and Richard Hammond is behind the wheel of a Ford Focus RS.

When they are on Madagascar the cars are totally transformed and if we didn’t know all the facts they even look like other cars. But during the filming the cars are really on Madagascar modified.

What will happen during the journey of the trio? Friday 18 december we will all know as the episode “A Massive Hunt” will be available on Prime Video.

A Massive Hunt (aka Madagascar Special) is the second and last episode of season 4 of The Grand Tour.

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