Richard Hammond's BIG

Interviewing Hammond about Richard Hammond’s BIG

Richard Hammond’s BIG is starting in a few days. Noticias Magazine did an interview with Richard.

Unfortunatly all questions are in Portugese but we translated them for you and you can read the questions here below.

  1. What is the appeal of engineering programs?
  2. What surprised you most while filming Richard Hammond’s BIG ?
  3. How did you overcome your fear of heights?
  4. Did you destroy toys as a boy to see how they work?
  5. Do you still own Oliver, the car from the Top Gear Special in Botswana?
  6. What happened so you got in love with this car?
  7. In addition cars, your’e also a helicopter pilot are you a daredevil?
  8. Is being a television presenter risky?
  9. Didn’t your wife forbid you to work after the accidents?
  10. What makes your heart beat faster nowadays?

This interview about Richard Hammond’s BIG was done by Luis Pedro Carvalho for the Portugese Noticias Magazine.

Richard Hammond’s BIG starts on 15 January on Discovery Channel U.K. with eight weekly episodes.  Unfortunaly Discovery Channel viewers in other countries must have to wait for a while till BIG is available in your country.

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