Richard Hammond Reveals his 50th Birthday Tattoo for the First Time

And he didn’t told his wife Mindy about this tattoo.

Eamonn and Ruth interviewed Richard on This Morning as he spoke about his new show Big. He spoke about this new show which is available on Discovery Channel UK.

He also told them about his fear of heights which he never had as a kid. But after his first daughter was born he realised suddenly he found out being afraid standing on a high tower.

But his show BIG helped him out. He climbed all the way to the top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai (the tallest builing in the world) and even went over the edge of the tower.

Later in the conversation Eamonn brought up the subject of the former Top Gear presenter turning 50 as he exclaimed: ‘Talking about adjusting things – you turned 50 recently.’

Richard responded: ‘Well, I have been long planning to get a tattoo and I have actually done it but I haven’t shown my wife yet.’

‘I have been meaning to do it for ages and I thought well I’m 50 so.’

With a serious face, Richard pulled up his sleeve as he exclaimed: ‘There’s probably still blood on my shirt actually.’ But if you want to see his tattoo, watch the video above.

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