Happy Birthday Richard Hammond

Happy Birthday Richard Hammond

Happy Birthday Hamster with your 50th birthday.


We hope he did got everything he wished for, but knowing the Hamster he´s not afraid to buy his own presents from time to time.

But we don’t just want to congratulate Richard with his birthday this is also a moment to celebrate his lovely wife, Mindy Hammond with her beloved husband. We hope he thinks more on her and his kids before starting dangerous actions.

Also we want to congratulate his two beautiful daughters, Izzy and Willow with their great dad who even leaves his car on the side of the road to run to them for their birthdays.

Actually it’s amazing that Richard reached this age in good health. He cheated death twice in a dragster accident while racing it, and he drove an electric vehicle off a cliff in Switzerland. and since his recent adventures on the South East Chinese Sea he almost drowned.

Last night there was a big celebration where he gathered family and friends, with amongst them his collegue James May.

So Happy Birthday Hamster (and now sod off).

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