Preview Richard Hammond´s BIG

Richard Hammond´s BIG – Preview

Discovery Channel UK shared some short preview of Richard Hammond´s BIG.

Car Painting

In this first preview we can see Hammond inside the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg in Germany.where he shows how the Volkswagens are being painted. Also he explains how the painting proces works.

The Volkswagen plant has the largest paintshop in Europe, spread out over eight floors. Having the size of Grand Central Station. And still every car is completed specifically to the individual customer´s requirements. There are more than 18 kilometers conveyers inside the paintshop and every hour there are coming 360 cars through. And it´s all done by robots.

Car Vending Machine

In the second preview he gives us an insight in how Volkswagens find their way to the customers who want to pick up their car at the factory. Which is a big deal in Germany if you consider there are 500 customers coming in each day.

For that reason Volkswagen build an on site collection centre. But the collection centre is a few hundred meters from the factory. To prevent getting this distant extra on the odometer Volkswagen came up with a clever idea. A fully automated conveyer system takes the cars straight from the end of the production line to the collection centre in just seven minutes. When they arrive there the cars are taken in.a fully automated car park. This car park are two gigantic towers.which in between them can hold 800 cars over 20 floors each. When the customer arrives, his car is delivered to him in 40 seconds.

The Sausage Factory

Volkswagen is not just a car manufactor. They also produce sausages known as the famous German Currywurst. The Currywurst is so populair that VW actually produces more sausages per year as cars.

The U.S. Military’s Biggest Aircraft

The Super Galaxy C-5M is the biggest transport aircraft in the U.S. Army. The Super Galaxy C-5M holds more records for carrying heavy loads as any other airplane in history.

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