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S01E01 – The Holy Trinity

The Grand Tour S01E01 - The Holy Trinity

In The Holy Trinity Clarkson, Hammond and May launch their new programme. A film follows showing Clarkson leaving London to fly to Los Angeles, where he meets Hammond and May.

As the Hothouse Flowers play “I Can See Clearly Now”, the trio drive Ford Mustangs through the California desert to Rabbit Dry Lake. On their way through the desert they are accompanied by a range of cars and a fly-over by the Breitling Jet Team.

Following a sequence where they greet the audience and viewers, and introduce the tent. The first feature shows the three presenters testing three hybrid hypercars (The Holy Trinity ?). With Clarkson in the McLaren P1, Hammond in the Porsche 918 and May in the Ferrari LaFerrari at the Algarve International Circuit in Portugal.

Later, Clarkson introduces the show’s new test track, the “Eboladrome” with laps by a Ferrari 488 and then tests a BMW M2.

Jeremy Renner, Armie Hammer and Carol Vorderman are all humorously “killed” before being able to take part in the show.

Returning to Portugal, Jérôme d’Ambrosio performs timed laps in the hypercars. The episode ends with Hammond and May declaring that they will demolish Clarkson’s house. As forfeit for losing a bet: that the McLaren P1 would be fastest in a timed lap and beat the Porsche 918 and LaFerrari.

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