Richard Hammond Talks About his Mozambique Crash

Richard Hammond talks about his Mozambique Crash

Richard Hammons had a incident with a motorbike.

Richard Hammond talked about his crash with a motorbike in Mozambique. This interview was recorded in March 2017 when he was at the Advertisers Week Europe.

In Februari 2017 Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson and James May went to Mozambique. Their intention was to film an episode for The Grand Tour Season 2. This episode called “Feed The World” was broadcasted in Februari 2018, one year after filming.

In this episode Clarkson, Hammond and May visit Mozambique to show the world how to feed an inland village. Therefor they first went to the coast to catch fish and brought it to the village.

Hammond did choose a motorbike for this event in contrary to his collegues which both used a car.


The conditions on the road were terrible and according to Jeremy Clarkson he fell of his bike over 50 times. Which was funny at the start but after a few times, the fun started to fade away.

But suddenly Hammond fell pretty bad bumped his head. After the crash, Hammond reportedly lay unconscious on the road. When asked if he had been taken to hospital, Clarkson said: “We don’t do hospitals.”

Hammond has since made a full recovery.

In this interview he talks about the incident which was a minor one in his opinion.

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