Andy Wilman The Grand Tour and The Future – an Interview (part 3)

Andy Wilman was interviewed by Freddy Clode in September 2019.

Andy Wilman gave an exclusive interview in September 2019 to the Home & Hosed Podcast. In this three-part interview we hear him telling everything from his youth till now. Andy Wilman is the executive producer of The Grand Tour.

After the Fracas

After the fracas between Jeremy Clarkson and Oisin Tymon in March 2015, the BBC didn’t wanted to give Clarkson a new contract. A few days later Andy decided he didn’t want to continue with the BBC so he decided to quit as a executive producer for Top Gear. Despite the fact that the BBC wanted to keep James May and Richard Hammond they both decided not to renew their contracts.

A short while later they gathered and were ready to go on with their work. But how, what items could be used, which not. But who wanted to have them as a trio? How to have an office? Thousand and one things to do came to the quartet. From buying staplers to arranging telephone lines, find an office etc. etc.


Then the moment was there. The ideas were there, they had a office and the world knew they were available. But who would gonna call him to say come to our station… They had an idea who didn’t want them and it became clear it would be a station from America. Andy Wilman hired an agent in the US,

And then there was Amazon…

The Team

It turned out that a most of members of the Top Gear Team want to come along with them so before anyone realised what happened they were fully back in, production, business.

The Grand Tour

Andy Wilman talks further about The Grand Tour, what they did over the years and what will be the future of the show.

Andy’s Future

Andy explain what his plans are for the future. Now there’s more time for him, due to less episodes per season, he’s looking around to explore other kinds of production work for other types of shows.

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