Clarkson, Hammond and May Interview in China

Clarkson, Hammond and May Interview in China

Clarkson, Hammond and May were in China to record for The Grand Tour

Clarkson, Hammond and May were in China in July 2018 filming for The Grand Tour. But next to that the trio also were ther there to promote the just newly launched Chinese version of DriveTribe.

There was a special meeting planned for this occasion in a hotel. There were next to some guys from the press a lot of Chinese DriveTribers who contribute to the Chinese version.

In this interview talk about electric cars and the interest in them. Clarkson made clear he doesn’t really like electric vehicles, he rather prefer the sound.

They also tell about there experience with the American cars which they drove in a previous recorded episode in Detroit.

Clarkson, Hammond and May also talk about possible new presenters to take over their jobs. But according to Clarkson they will never be so good as the three of them are.

The episode recorded in China was avialable in Februari 2019 and is called “Chinese Food for Thoughts”.

In this episode they drive through China where they take us to the new Motorcity of the world Chongqing. Clarkson showed an exclusive Hongqi L5 and Hammond drives the Chinese-built electric NIO EP9 round the Eboladrome.

they agree to prove that second-hand western luxury cars are superior with May.purchasing a Mercedes–Benz S600, Hammond settling on a Cadillac STS, and Clarkson buying a BMW 750iL

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