James May in Detroit

James May interview in Detroit.

James May just crossed the street in Detroit in June 2018 when he was spotted.

James May was together with Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond in Detroit in June 2018. The trio was filming for the first episode of season 3 called “Motown Funk”.

In this episode we seen James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy.Clarkson driving through the streets on the outskirts of Detroit. James was driving in a Chevrolet Camaro Z1 Hennessy Exorcist. Jeremy was behind the wheel of a Ford Mustang RTR and Richard Hammond could be found in a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon.

They also did a race around a specially created track in Cadillac’s old factory.

This episode shows how the former Motor City in the world.turned out to a place with a lot of deserted houses and factories after the downfall of the American Car Industry.

Jason Rzucidlo from the AmericaJR.com news website bumped into James May.while he crossed a street on his way to do some work in the center of Detroit.

He told the reporter he liked Detroit very much and called it the coolest city in America. He praised how the city has changed since he went there about 25 years ago.

James was accompanied by production manager Erin Crittenden who urged James to go inside and to go and do some work.

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