Jeremy Clarkson and James May in an interview

Jeremy Clarkson and James May modern cars are as dull as refrigerators

Jeremy Clarkson says not a single kid wants a car poster on the wall anymore.

Jeremy Clarkson and James May did an interview with Mashable in May 2015 when they were in the USA.

Richard Hammond could not be present at this interview because he was “sick”. We heard, in other interviews Jeremy Clarkson and James May telling Hammond wasn’t there because of a terrible hangover. Knowing the trio we don’t thing this last explanation was the truth.

In this interview they talk about cars, which cars they own, the ones the regret selling and more about cars they love.

Offcourse they tell about The Grand Tour and sometimes you hear a slight thing about Top Gear.

We’re very sorry for the terrible sound of this video and also for the annoying music someone pasted into this video.

But despite that we hope you enjoy this video.

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