Our Man in Japan

Our Man in Japan with James May starts 3 January

Our Man in Japan with James May is a new show on Amazon Prime.

Our Man in Japan with James May is something we´ve all been waiting for since quite a while.

In March 2019 we got the news that James May got his own show for Amazon Prime. Some newspapers even suggested The Grand Tour Trio was breaking up and James would go his own way.

But nothing, as we showed back in March, of that media gossip was true. As we told earlier this year all The Grand Tour get another show next to The Grand Tour.

Jeremy is going to make a show with the working title “I Bought The Farm” for Amazon. Next to that Jeremy also will be hosting Who Wants to be a Millionair.

Richard is making a show on a deserted Island with Tory Belleci.  He’s also working on his show for Discovery Channel called BIG.

And James went in March to Japan to make Our Man in Japan. He announced this in a short video in which he told us he was going to Japan. His intention was to travel from the North to the South by various means of transportation.

So now we can finally see the first results in this trailer. Our Man in Japan will have six episodes and starts on 3 January 2020.

We’re looking forward to this show.

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