The Grand Tour Launch Party London 2019

The Grand Tour Launch Party for season 3

The Grand Tour Launch Party 2019 was held in London on the eve of the premiere of Season 3

The Grand Tour Launch Party on the eve of Season 3 was in The Brewery in London.

A select number of guests were invited.for a preview of season 3 at The Grand Tour Launch Party. Amongst the guests were co-workers, fans and some folks from the press.

After the guests were arrived and taken care of in a very good way.Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May climbed on the stage.

The Interview

They started telling about this first episode with their experiences in Detroit. Clarkson mention that it was remarkable.that Richard Hammond didn’t crashed.and nobody.was.hurt. With the exception of Jeremy, who cut his finger.

They talk about the three specials in this season. They start in the North of Colombia and drove to the South. Meanwhile Richard was scared to death on a bridge and.a bear ate Jeremy’s headlight. But despite driving this wonderful country nobody mentioned the word cocaine.

The three chat a littlebit about the heat in China. Which was specially amusing because.the James Which made Richard and Jeremy having a lot of fun.

Clarkson said they drove six days through Mongolia without seeing any road, no alcohol and nothing but beautiful landscapes.

Next to that during The Grand Tour Launch Party they tell about all the other places they visited for this season.

We get an explanation why there won’t be celebreties anymore to The Grand Tour.

Jeremy tells the audience that Amazon asked them to do more seasons after the three which they’ve made sofar. He says after completing this season they start thinking how season 4, 5 and however many more are gonna like.

After the interview on stage some people in the audience get the chance to ask questions to the three presenters.

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