James May Plane ends up upside down

James May Explains How He Cheated Death in a Plane Crash

James May´s Plane ended upside down.

James May is known to fly a plane which he´s doing for many years. But when he was younger he was a bit too confident and made a mistake.

He revealed this earlier this week in Good Morning Britain where he was to promote The Grand Tour Premiere of the special “Seamen” which is available Friday 13 December.

As far as we know he never told this before. But James told this to Pierce Morgan just before this interview and he was asked about it in the show.

He crashed his plane on the runway. Being overconfident about his flying skills. James was in a light aircraft when landing while there were strong cross winds. “I can sort it out and get it back” where his thoughts. “But I was wrong”.

So he ended upside down. He bashed his knees, but his passenger was hit on his ear by a metal flightcase. The plane was freshly filled with fuel and it poored out so there was a big risk on the plane getting on fire.

Fortunatly both came out unscated.

According to James that was the nearest he came to cheating death.

Further on in the interview James talks about the upcoming episode of The Grand Tour.

James revealed his views on nowadays Top Gear and the new presenters.

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