Seamen Interview with Clarkson, Hammond and May

Interview with Clarkson, Hammond and May Luke O’Faolain for 98 FM

Seamen is the new title of The Grand Tour first episode of season 4. In this interview with Dublin´s 98FM Luke O’Faolain.

Jeremy Clarkson

For start Clarkson drops a great news item. He´s no longer a fan of Lexus LFA as he said to the world for more than  years. Jeremy now has changed his opinion on and the best car on the world on this moment is the car he drove recently on Madagascar. He won´t tell which car it is, but we know and soon we´ll tell you everything here about what happened on Madagascar.

He also tells he really enjoyed the Formula One races after his rant about F1 a few months ago. But he´s not yet really back on board, but try to enjoy it again.

James May

James May is the next to tell about Seamen. They talk about the recently releases which James did on the DriveTribe and FoodTribe channels. Instead of making those videos glamorous he decided to make them just plain and simple.

May also tells about his show in Japan. He has been there a lot of times and enjoyed the places very very much. He tried to travel from North to South, but still don´t understand the culture.

Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond is now on the chair. He tells about the silly amount of times he had to jump out of his boat in this episode multiple times. Not just once but according to him around  15 or more times.

After Hammond we get to hear a lot more in the radio interview which is mounted in this video just after we´ve seen the three presenters.

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Special thanks to Svetlana Borisova for compiling this video

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